Big Sky Decon has recently designed the Seat Decon Unit (“SDU”) that is being used to disinfect the interior of law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, used cars, rental cars, and garbage trucks. The SDU inactivates harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa that can be present in a vehicle seat or footwell with the powerful exposure of our Ultraviolet C (UVC) Germicidal lights. The SDU inactivates harmful substances in only 3-5 minutes; it also neutralizes the scent of the inside of the vehicle that can be present from spilled food or beverages, cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke, and bodily fluids (blood, sweat, spit, fecal matter). By way of our product, it creates a safer work environment, avoids healthcare costs, and does not carry the risks associated with using harsh chemicals or ozone applications.  The SDU plugs easily into a cigarette lighter or extension cord, and is a simple, safe, fast, and effective solution for vehicle decontamination. This unit is priced at $2,150.

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