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Our primary goal is to improve public safety by disinfecting contaminated areas and inanimate objects that are frequently used by people in their daily activities and can transmit viral and bacterial diseases. Big Sky Decon can serve in many different ways, including selling products to government agencies and providing top-notch professional decon services for commercial and residential customers.


Big Sky Decon, formally known as Kart Kleen, started when founder, Jason Gardiner, questioned the cleanliness of grocery store shopping carts. He thought of all the viruses and diseases that could potentially spread from simply touching an infected shopping cart, which led to the creation of many of the products we sell today.


The vision in mind is to reduce the spread of bacteria among people. Providing a safer environment for all parties and reducing liability and risk mitigation for companies and agencies is a key aspect of using Big Sky Decon products. Currently, Big Sky Decon has created multiple viable products to reduce the spread of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa and has been implemented in multiple Sheriff's Offices, Police Departments, Car Dealerships, and more throughout the state of Montana. We are now reading to begin our next chapter in expanding our new brand and products nationwide.

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