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The Incident Response Bag (IRB) from Big Sky Decon is an enclosed portable bag that utilizes UVC light for direct decontamination of individual items, clothing, protective gear, and equipment. The IRB has a canvas cover stitched with reflective mylar on the inside of the bag to redirect unused light and intensify the decontamination process. The UV-C lighting in the IRB effectively destroys disease-causing substances like blood, saliva, sweat, feces, and others by breaking down the DNA and RNA of microorganisms. The IRB can be collapsed to 8 inches for convenient storage. Once contaminated equipment is placed in the IRB for decontamination, it is immediately ready for use after the decontamination process is complete.


The IRB is portable and can be easily transported in police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and border patrol vehicles. The IRB was initially designed to keep first responders safe in their efforts to protect the community and now can play an important role in protecting individuals in many different industries.

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