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The Big Sky Decon Entrance Unit is a conveyor table system equipped with UVC lights, proven effective in hospital settings, that destroy the DNA and RNA structure of viruses. This unit is designed to reduce human exposure to diseases and provide on-demand cleaning for organizations, and can be placed at entrances and exits of buildings, jails, hospitals, government buildings, stadiums, airports, and more. It is capable of disinfecting backpacks, handbags, PPE, electronics, loose clothing, hand-held equipment, sports equipment, and other commonly touched objects. The Entrance Unit is currently used in Montana detention centers to neutralize the odor of jail mattress pad and found abandoned property. It can also be utilized in sports locker rooms for equipment that is contaminated with blood, sweat, fungi, or any other potential disease-causing virus, as well as to neutralize the potent smell. The unit measures 9'L x 4'W x 5'H in size.

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