The Big Sky Decon Entrance Unit consists of a conveyor table system constructed out of stainless steel and hospital proven UVC lights and the radiation destroys the DNA and RNA structure of viruses.  This was designed not only to reduce human exposure to diseases, but to offer an on-demand cleaning treatment for any organization.  Units are to be placed at entrances and exits to buildings, schools, concerts, hospitals, government buildings, stadiums, airports, concerts and more.  Can be used to disinfect backpacks, handbags, PPE, electronic devices, loose clothing, hand-held equipment, sports equipment and other inanimate objects individuals commonly touch and hold.  The Entrance Unit is currently being used in Detention Centers in the State of Montana to disinfect and neutralize the smell of jail mattress pads. The Entrance Unit can be used for larger schools that have a high influx of events such as athletic events, banquets, auctions, and bazaars for students, staff, and parents to disinfect the larger items people are bringing from their personal homes into the school’s environment. The Entrance Unit is 9'L x 4'W x 5'H in size (2.75 L x 1.2 W x 1.5 H in Meters).