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The Narco Bag from Big Sky Decon is an enclosed portable bag that utilizes a specialized UV light for direct inactivation of individual items, clothing, protective gear, and hand-held equipment that have been contaminated from dangerous narcotics. The Narco Bag has a red canvas cover stitched with reflective mylar on the inside of the bag to redirect unused light and intensify the decontamination process. Big Sky Decon’s narcotic treatment reduces the amount of recoverable fentanyl to essentially zero on microfiber articles and over a 95% reduction rate on vinyl materials in only 10 minutes time. 


First Responders are engaging with more and more people daily and are prone to being exposed to harmful drugs such as fentanyl, methamphetamines, heroin, and ecstasy. Fentanyl has taken the United States by storm, and, as a result, fentanyl-related fatalities have skyrocketed over the last 5 years. The Narco Bag was designed to keep first responders safe in their efforts to protect the community and can now serve as an added layer of protection.

The Narco Bag is portable and can be easily transported in police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and border patrol vehicles. The Narco Bag can be collapsed to 8 inches for convenient storage. Contaminated clothing or equipment needs to be handled with extreme caution due to the severity of narcotics.

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