Big Sky Decon has recently designed a Disinfection Locker for detention centers, jails, prisons, intake rooms, hospitals, athletic facilities, K-12 schools, and universities.  For Law Enforcement, sheriff's, officers, and troopers need to be fully protected from the harmful bacteria and viruses they encounter from inmates and people they apprehend.  The Disinfection Locker makes it easy to decontaminate and neutralize the scent of inmate clothing, tactical gear, uniforms, riot gear, and mattresses. The locker allows first responders to be protected from harmful substances they may encounter on the job, such as blood, spit, fecal matter, and diseases from bodily fluids.  Disease-causing bacteria and viruses take multiple wash cycles in a standard laundry system to be inactivated. Washing infected clothing and protective gear runs the risk of infecting the facilities water system. Placing contaminated and infected clothing in our disinfection lockers before washing them allows for the eradication of potential disease-causing viruses before it infects the whole facility or building. The disinfection locker allows individuals to place inmate clothing or their own in the locker for two minutes for disinfection and items are immediately ready for use once the decontamination period is completed.  The Disinfection Locker is 2'L x 3'W x 6'H in size (0.6 L x 0.9 W x 1.8 H in Meters).

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