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Big Sky Decon has created a Disinfection Locker for use in detention centers, jails, prisons, hospitals, athletic facilities, K-12 schools, and universities. This locker provides protection for law enforcement, sheriffs, officers, and troopers from harmful bacteria and viruses they may encounter while on the job. The locker can easily decontaminate and neutralize odors from inmate clothing, tactical gear, uniforms, riot gear, and mattresses. The UV-C lighting in the locker effectively destroys disease-causing substances like blood, saliva, sweat, feces, and others by breaking down the DNA and RNA of microorganisms.By placing contaminated items in the locker, it eliminates the risk of spreading disease-causing viruses, as standard laundry systems can be ineffective in inactivating bacteria and viruses and can potentially infect the facility's water system. The locker is 2'L x 3'W x 6'H in size and allows for three minutes of disinfection, making items immediately ready for use after the decontamination process with no risks of injury, unlike competing chemical applications.

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