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Kart Kleen July Recap

After finishing up a successful month of June with our demonstration at the Capitol Building in Helena, July was a great month for Kart Kleen. In early July we debuted our newest product, the Incident Response Bag. First responders are required to use several different pieces of equipment each day and are routinely transferring bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and fungi amongst each other and tools. The incident response bag allows first responders to place used or dirty equipment in our bag for a minimum of 28 seconds for full disinfection and is immediately ready for use once completed. Our mission is to protect those who keep us safe, and that starts with the first responders in our State of Montana.

After the debut of the bag, we began traveling to show our Incident Response Bag to our civic leaders and heads of police and fire divisions across the state. On July 22nd, we met with the office of JP Gallagher, and the Sheriff and Fire Chief of Silver Bow County. On July 23rd, we were able to show our bag to Dan Springer and some of the other officers in the Gallatin Sheriff’s department. The number of uses that our technology has in detention centers, police cruisers, ambulances, and across the facility is truly amazing. It is extremely important for us to show our product to these officers in person, so they can truly see how much our product can do to keep them safe on a day-to-day basis. Last week we got the opportunity to attend the GovMatch event put on by Montana PTAC. This event gave us a tremendous platform to showcase our products to civic leaders and many government agencies. We want to extend a huge thanks to Patty Cox for all her help in making these opportunities possible. We are excited to see what August brings and continue to back our First Responders across this great state!

Solutions for a Safer Tomorrow

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