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With The Rise of COVID-19 - Kart Kleen takes aim to mitigate the spread of the virus

We are living in a time where how we think about public health and safety is being challenged and altered daily. With each day that goes by more and more people test positive for COVID-19, and the importance grows of implementing protocols to combat the virus. Although our units were not specifically designed with COVID in mind, they have the strength to knock out the heartiest of viruses. Microorganisms of concern all have a specific mJ/cm2 required for 99.99% inactivation of the virus or bacteria such as COVID-19 (17), E. Coli (5.5), C. Diff (38.5), MRSA (10), Salmonella (9), etc. These numbers mean that our bag has almost 5 times the strength needed to kill COVID-19 and 8 times the strength needed to kill MRSA. With 2 minutes of exposure in our Incident Response Bag, we put out an average of 80.3 mJ/cm2 which is more than the necessary amount needed for 99.99% inactivation.

Transmission of microbial diseases can involve multiple pathways, and it is clear that many diseases can be acquired by healthy individuals from contact with objects and surfaces that have been contaminated by sick individuals. This is the pathway that our units are designed to mitigate by high-intensity UVC irradiation. The use of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) to control microbial pathogens has been widely accepted for many years in hospital settings, wastewater treatment and other specialized applications. By transcending the use of UV light, we have been able to develop solutions to help all kinds of people.

Trying to find a “new way of life” in a pandemic can be a challenging situation as we have all seen. The best way that we can aid this new lifestyle we are all in is by implementing protocols to help keep people safe and healthy. At Kart Kleen we are passionate about helping people get through this complex time, and we believe our units can make the difference.

Kart Kleen, LLC., is based in Missoula, MT. Their mission is to enhance public safety through the disinfection of inanimate objects that can transmit viral, bacterial, and other microbial diseases between humans. For more information, contact or call +1 833-527-8553

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