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Big Sky Decon Takes on National Sheriffs' Association Midwinter Conference in Washington D.C.

The Big Sky Decon team, formally known as Kart Kleen, will take aim at a new challenge this weekend, our nation’s capital. We are excited to announce that it will be partaking as an exhibitor at the National Sheriff’s Association Winter Conference at the JW Marriott in D.C from February 5-8. This opportunity is extremely important to us, to be able to protect those men and women who leave their families daily to protect ours. As we continue to look to protect Sheriff, Police, Jails, and Firefighters across the state of Montana, we can also look for opportunities to expand and protect brave men and women across the country. This opportunity will allow us to demonstrate the types of things we are deploying in Montana to protect First Responders on a larger stage.

We have multiple different units that would change the way Sheriff’s act in their protocols and disinfecting loose items that may come in contact with harmful material on a daily basis. Our First Responder Bag is a portable bag that can be used in the back of cruisers and can help officers disinfect any items they would be taking with them from scene to scene. It is helpful for detectives, sheriffs, or any officers who are encountering dangerous viruses, bacteria, protozoa and fungi while out in the field. Our Disinfection Locker is being used at jails across the state of Montana to disinfect garment bags, especially when a detainee is first taken to intake. This is a larger stationary unit that can be used in many different applications. We also have made modifications to our Entrance Unit, placing a guide rail system on the conveyor belt to help the system guide jail mattresses through. This helps jails to avoid wasting inventory on chemicals that will make the beds crack, and overall reduces the need for harmful chemical use.

There are so many different opportunities for these products in First Responder locations across the country. We are extremely blessed for this opportunity and are looking forward to embracing the challenge.

Kart, LLC., is based in Missoula, MT. Their mission is to enhance public safety through the disinfection of inanimate objects that can transmit viral, bacterial, and other microbial diseases between humans. For more information, contact or call +1 833-527-8553

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