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Kart Kleen Sells Its First Products To Gallatin County Sheriff's Office

Kart Kleen starts a partnership with the Gallatin Sheriff's office.

Bozeman, MT- Kart Kleen, a Missoula based company, has begun offering solutions for protecting first responders from the dangers they face on the job. Kart Kleen has developed a First Responder Bag, using UV light as a disinfecting agent to kill off viruses and bacteria such as COVID-19, C. Diff, and MRSA. The bag is a collapsible, portable unit that allows first responders to quickly and safely disinfect belongings, clothes, equipment, and other belongings that may become contaminated on the job.

Kart Kleen has been developing the product for years and released it in late June, and has dedicated its efforts to showcasing it to Montana first responders since its inception. Gallatin Sheriff’s office decided to implement the products in their facilities following a demonstration. They have a multitude of uses for the versatile bag, including use in vehicles, detainment centers, as well as out in the field.

First responders in the field come in contact with harmful materials such as blood, fecal matter, vomit and disease every day. Not only does it protect the officer, but it can go a long way in protecting anybody an officer comes in contact with, having a widespread effect on the community. Owner and CEO Jason Gardiner felt a strong need to create a solution to protect these men and women. “I felt an unbelievable responsibility to help provide a safe avenue for these officers to get home safely to their families each day. It was a no-brainer for us, and I am honored to be involved” Gardiner said.

Safety of first responders is Kart Kleen’s top priority, but the sky's the limit for this product. The bag can be used in a multitude of ways, for many different types of people. From mail carriers, teachers and nurses, to use in homes, the First Responder bag is applicable for human safety. The company has found that their UV light has the strength to kill five times 99.9% the necessary strength to kill all bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. In simpler terms, Kart Kleen is a highly effective solution that is dedicated to helping people and community in all different sectors.

Kart Kleen, LLC., is based out of Missoula, MT. Their mission is to enhance public safety through the disinfection of inanimate objects that can transmit viral and bacterial diseases between humans. For more information, contact or call +1 833-527-8553

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