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2022 Kart Kleen Status Update

At Kart Kleen, our goal has always been to enhance public safety through sanitation. Our society is plagued by many diseases that can easily spread through touching inanimate objects previously contaminated by others (also known as ‘fomites’). We have developed a line of products that delivers a specific wavelength of UV irradiation to destroy the physical structure of the DNA or RNA genomes of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. After focusing at first on schools, hospitals and grocery stores, our CEO Jason Gardiner decided to pivot. Focusing on first responders has become our new mission at Kart Kleen, and we are excited to continue advancing and building. For those who are unaware of our products and what they can be used for, some further explanation could be very helpful.

The first decontamination unit that led us down the path for helping first responders is the Incident Response Bag. The Bag is a portable, collapsible option for first responders to take with them from site to site. It allows first responders to be protected from harmful materials they may encounter on the job, such as blood, spit, fecal matter, and other harmful materials. Officers have been using it to disinfect their crime scene boots, weapons, and utility vests. All of these items are consistently coming into contact with microbes that are potentially harmful towards these officers and should be disinfected routinely.

The Entrance Unit is one of our larger units and has a variety of applications within law enforcement offices. Modeled after a TSA luggage inspection machine, the Entrance Unit is equipped with a conveyor belt that allows a variety of items to be run through the unit. Smaller and larger items can be run through on the belt, and their surfaces can be essentially disinfected in 28 seconds. One adaptation we have created is a rail system that allows mattresses from a detention center to be run through the disinfection unit. This ability allows the Sheriff's Department/Detention Centers to discontinue the use of harsh chemicals that can break down the mattress materials and are potentially harmful to humans, allowing them to conserve inventory.

Our newest unit, the Disinfection Locker is being used in enforcement offices and detention facilities across the state of Montana. Many law enforcement facilities have been using them in their intake rooms. When a person is detained, they are stripped down, and their belongings are put into large mesh bags and hung in a room. Officers can pop the bags into the Locker, ridding them of materials that may be harmful to the officer or the detainee. The Locker is a very valuable addition to detention facilities across the state.

There are benefits for installing these units in your facilities in addition to enhanced health and safety. We provide licensed and insured products that mitigates the risk of exposure to disease causing microbes away from the employer, putting it onto our products. They help first responder agencies to create protocols to mitigate against exposure and risks. This will lead to less dollars paid towards insurance premiums by these agencies.

We feel incredibly grateful to be able to do what we are doing—helping brave men and women stay safe each day. First responders are our top priority, and we are willing to do anything we can to help out. For more information or to schedule a demo, contact or call (+1)833-527-8553.

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