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We have been using the Incident Response Bag and Area Decon Unit for our Sheriff's Office and Detention Center. Both products are amazing, they are very easy to use, and eliminate all odors we have been faced with, not to mention all the bacteria and viruses they have eliminated from our uniforms, vehicles, protective gear, and equipment. The difference it has made in our holding room is night and day.

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- Lt. Troy Christensen
Lewis and Clark Sheriff's Office

Our Lithia dealership saw that our local Missoula Police Department purchased Area Decon Units from Big Sky Decon to decontaminate their police cruisers, and we wanted to use the same safety protocols for all of our vehicles we sell and service for our valuable customers.

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- Shane Morinville,
General Manager at Lithia Ford of Missoula

Our staff appreciates the sanitizing abilities Big Sky Decon equipment provides us, it will be especially great during flu seasons!

- Rob Pedersen,
Superintendent of Plentywood School District


We have 1 Area Decon Unit that I used in a classroom with multiple students complaining of stomach related issues, and seemed to have stopped the complaints. We also had hand, foot and mouth go through a few members of our athletic teams, so I used it in all 6 of our locker rooms in hopes of stopping the spread both within our school and to other schools that might use our locker rooms during games.


- Krista Glaus,
Whitehall School Nurse

I use my Big Sky Decon products frequently. Especially if a student has had vomiting or a high temperature.

- Rianne Barnes,
Libby Public Schools School Nurse

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I love the Area Decon light you sent us! As the school nurse, I'm obviously on the front lines when it comes to all the gross childhood germs. I'm pleased to say, though, that I've been healthy for the past 2 months. Whenever a student comes into my office with something particularly icky, I plug in my light for a few minutes after they've left and go for a walk. I've also used it in other rooms around campus at the request of staff who are concerned about illness. It appears to be saving us from a winter of sniffles and coughs so far... hoping it stays that way! Thanks again for the generous gift to Bonner School. We really appreciate you.


- Becky Battie,
Bonner School District School Nurse

We are using the Area Decon Unit on a regular basis in the basement to mitigate against mold and to improve the air quality down there. The Incident Response Bag is used in situations when a student gets blood or vomit on their clothing or materials.


- Rachel Stevens,
Principal of Creston Elementary School

Love the light products. They leave the space smelling clean and sanitized. We have not had an opportunity to use the bags yet (thankfully!), but are glad we have them in case. With the amount of illness going around, we have had these on rotation. 



- Nichole Pieper,
Power School District Superintendent


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