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Our initial measurements with PPE Disinfectant Unit indicate that just 28 seconds of treatment would inactivate greater than 99.9% of all viruses present.  The PPE Unit can effectively increase standing PPE inventories for face masks, face shields, safety glasses and exam gloves at least 20-fold by reuse rather than discarding after a single use or continuing to use dirty masks and coverings.

PPE Unit

  • Providing a quick and easy solution to disinfect, hospitals, doctor's offices, veteran's affairs facilities, medical clinics, and etc. all have the ability now to protect themselves and the patients they are treating.  We are proud to say we have developed an effective way to protect nurses, doctors, and patients visiting hospitals and clinics.  The PPE Unit is 3.5'L x 62"H and the unit comes in a 24'' and 36'' width model.