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Big Sky Decon’s first to market products disinfect using UVC light, and we have developed this into our Incident Response Bag. The IRB is portable and can be used by Police, Fire Departments, Nurse Stations, Schools, Ambulances, and Border Patrol.

Incident Response Bag

  • The IRB will give first responders peace of mind and protection by utilizing UV-C lighting solutions which allows for the eradication of blood, spit, sweat, fecal matter, and other potential disease-carrying substances. UV-C lamps are extremely effective in breaking down the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, meaning they cannot replicate and cause diseases. The incident response bag can collapse to 8 inches making it easy to store in the back of first responder and military vehicles.​ The Incident Response Bag allows first responders to place contaminated or infected equipment in the bag for disinfection and all items are immediately ready for use once the decontamination period is completed.  We developed this product to keep our first responders safe for everything they do to protect our community.

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